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Jesse D. Williams 1841 - 1884

Orange County, Indiana
Court House

Jesse D. WilliamsBorn: 1841
Died: 1884 Orange County, Indiana
Married: Amanda Williams
Amanda born: 1847
Amanda's maiden name was also Williams

Lewis C. Williams
Born: 1861 Orange County, Indiana

Alva Williams
Born: 1867 Orange County, Indiana

William R. Williams
Born: 1871 Orange County, Indiana

James R. Williams
Born: 1873 Orange County, Indiana

Charles Williams
Born: 1878 Orange County, Indiana

.2nd generation:Lewis C. Williams (Son of Jesse D.)Born: 6 Aug. 1861 / 1864
Died: 13 Apr. 1926
Married: Alice Rice on 17 Sept. 1883
Alice born: 19 Mar. 1867
Died: 24 Nov. 1953
Alice's parents - Tom Rice (1844 - 1939) and Jane Sanders (1846 - 1927)

Norman WilliamsBorn 30 May 1884 Indiana
Died: 13 May 1946
Married: Laura Murray on 17 Nov. 1907

Florence E. Williams
Born: 28 June 1886 Indiana
Died: 14 April 1904

Noah Archie Williams
Born: 18 May 1891 Indiana
Died: 1974
Married: 1) Cynthia P. Moffatt 4 May 1910 2) Golda Clayton
3) Lillian Hall in 1963

Rosa M. Williams
Born: 5 Aug. 1894 Indiana
Died: May 1967
Married: Gordan Spellman on 29 Aug 1912

Thomas Williams
Born: 14 March 1896 Indiana
Died: 11 Jan 1896

Bessie Williams
Born: 26 Aug. 1898 Indiana
Died: 10 March 1915

Ray Sam Williams
Born: 14 March 1901 Indiana
Died: 1 April 1970

Emiet Earl Williams
Born: 3 Sept. 1903 Indiana
Died: Unknown

Ira Williams
Born: 12 Nov. 1907 Indiana
Died: Unknown

John R. Williams
Born: 31 July 1909 Indiana
Died: 12 Dec. 1997 Prob. Louisville, KY


Information researched by DNA Group 8 member Lewis Williams


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Isaac Benjamin Williams 1772 - ?

Robert Pinkney Williams Family

Isaac Benjamin Williams
Born: 11 July 1772 Probably Wake County, N.C.
Died: unknown
Married: Amelia (Amy) ---------------
James R
Born 7 Dec. 1793 N.C.

Born: 24 Dec. 1800 N.C.

Born: 30 Sep. 1803/1804 N.C.
Died: 1856 Texas

Judith R
Born: 7 Jan. 1806

Elizabeth R
Born: 24 Apr. 1808

John W
Born: 1816 Henry Co. Tenn.
Died: Abt. 1 Jan. 1879 Texas
Married: Elizabeth Stone (Maiden name unproven)

.2nd generation:Purviance Williams (Son of Isaac Benjamin)
Married 1) Nancy Stone
William Newton:
Born: 15 Nov. 1828 TN
Died: 30 Sep. 1888 Panola Co. TX
Married: Mary Ann Neal 19 Jul 1849 Panola Co. TX
2) Martha L. Barbour
James P:
Born: 1831 TN
Died: ____ Buried in Panola Co. TX
Married: Nancy A. George 16 Jun 1852 Rusk Co. TX
Robert Pinkney:
Born: 1833/1835 TN
Died: Before 1875 Cooke Co. TX
Married: Sarah M. Hoyle
Born: 1836 TN
Died: _____ Buried Panola Co. TX
Married: H. J. Scarborough 22 Dec. 1876
Benjamin H:
Born: 1837 TN
Died: Unknown
Married: Nancy Ann Ackard in Panola Co. TX
Purviance Williams married 2) Matilda W. Hoyle
Born: 1843
Died: 1859/1860
Born: 1844
Nancy M:
Born: 25 Dec. 1845
Died: 15 Jul 1920
John Stockton:
Born: 12 Feb. 1847
Died: 27 Dec. 1907
Born: 1849
Purviance W:
Born: 1850
Born: Unknown
Purviance Williams married 3) Martha Gentry
Francis (Frank):
Born: Abt 1854
Born: Unknown
Notes about Purviance Williams :
This information is in a Bible record. Purviance Williams lived and owned property in 1836 Henry Co., Tenn Poll Tax Records showed him in Dist. 3, holding 147 acres, 1 poll and 0 slaves. Purviance married 1.) Nancy Stone, 2.)Matilda Wyatt Hoyle; 3.) Martha Gentry. In 1836-37 he removed to Texas. He died in 1856 in Texas.
Old Williams Cemetery
The Rev. Littleton Fowler, an early Methodist missionary in East Texa s, is believed to have organized this congregation between 1837 and 183 9. Land for the first sanctuary, now the site of Old Williams Cemetery, was donated by Purviance Williams. The congregation was originally known as Bethesda Church, but the name was later changed to honor Samuel G. Allison, who gave land for the present building site in 1882. Traditionally, Allison Chapel United Methodist Church has been considered the oldest active church in Panola County. -- Texas Atlas
Information researched by DNA Group 8 member Nancy Edwards -

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Thomas R. Williams 1818 - 1892

Thomas R. Williams joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church at "an early age" according to his obituary in the Baptist Standard. Thomas went to Pontotoc County, Mississippi in 1834. He married Mary Jane Patton in 1842 in LaFayette County, Mississippi. Mary Jane was the daughter of Samuel and Mary Pye Patton.
Thomas became a Baptist minister before 1850 in the Coldwater Association and continued to minister after he and Mary Jane left Mississippi and moved to Texas about 1880.

Thomas R. Williams
Born: 2 Oct. 1818 Stewart Co. Tennessee
Died: 16 Feb. 1892 Erath Co. Texas
Married: Mary Jane Patton
Mary Jane born: 3 Feb 1824 Georgia
Died: 16 Feb 1892 Erath Co. Texas

Walter Colquitt (Tobe)
Born 1844 Miss.
Died: 1901 Texas
Married Sarah "Sally" Higginbotham (1846 - 1895)

Susan E
Born: 1846 Miss.
Died: 1923
Married: Frank Morrison

Born: 1848 Miss.
Died: 1856

Samuel P
Born : 1850 Miss.
Died: 1887 Texas

Jeff D:
Born: 1850
Died: 1900 Miss.
Married: Tilda Tatum (1855 - 1936)

Born: 1854
Died: 1917
Married: Sally J. McElroy

Salina Ann
Born: 1859
Died: 1946
Married: Jeff Olinger (1860 - 1943)

Robert Tillman
Born: 1862
Married: Sarah E. Sanders

H.J. (Harriett Jane)
Born: 1865
Married: Jack Brown

2nd generation:
The children of Walter Colquitt and Kathleen Higginbotham Williams:

Born: 1867
Died: 1877

Eudora Gertrude
Born: 1869
Died: 1894
Married: William Wiseman

Robert Taylor
Born: 1872
Died: 1960
Married: 1) Cora Allday 2) Katherine ____

Thomas Jackson
Born: 1874
Died: 1971
Married: Julia Evridge

William Hudson
Born: 1876
Died: 1941
Married: Marguerite J. Weaver

Walter Bishop (twin)
Born: 1876
Died: 1953
Married: Lillian Forbes

Lee Deerwood
Born: 1879
Died: 1958
Married: Bama Borders

Born: 1881
Died: 1974
Married: Greif P. Herndon

Born: 1883
Died: 1958
Married: Young Ayers

Born: 1885
Died: 1931
Married: Wash Elkins

Born: 1887
Died: 1970
Married: Martin Karmany

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David Lane Williams 1834 - 1910

David L. Williams (Son of Absalom, Grandson of William b. 1760)
Born: 27 June 1834 Preble Co, OH
Died: 28 April 1910 Saline Co, MO
Buried: Antioch Cemetery, Saline Co, MO
Married: Leah C. Valentine on 3 June 1855 Henry Co, IN
Born: 28 February 1835 Henry Co, IN

Died: 27 January 1916 Driftwood, Alfalfa Co, OK

James A
Born: 7 November 1856 Madison Co, IN
Died: 13 April 1939 Harper Co, KS
Married: Emma A. French on 4 Aug. 1878 Sweet Springs, MO

Jesse M
Born: 26 February 1858 Madison Co, IN
Died: 28 May 1924 Harper Co, KS
Married: Anna Scott Elliott on 28 Mar 1880 Saline Co, MO

John C
Born: 4 January 1860 Madison Co, IN
Died: 27 June 1925 Driftwood, OK
Married: Sarah M. Evans on 5 Nov 1882 Ottawa, KS

William L
Born: 4 January 1860 Madison Co, IN
Died: 27 October 1918 Silverdale, KS
Married: Lucy C. Province on 25 Mar 1882 Saline Co, MO

Joseph B
Born: 25 January 1862 Madison Co, IN
Died: 16 June 1944 Manchester, OK
Married: Iona A. Bennett on 3 June 1892 Winfield, KS

Emily F
Born: 30 September 1866 Madison Co, IN
Died: 18 January 1926 Wichita, KS
Married: Henry F. Rather in Jan 1888

Thomas T
Born: 30 September 1868 Warrensburg, MO
Died: 21 April 1944 Jet, OK
Married: 1) Ola Ama Pierce on 15 February 1897
2) Ollie K. Mitchell on 31 July 1930

Andrew S
Born: 4 October 1874 Sweet Springs, MO
Died: 2 March 1937 Enid, OK
Married: Alice E. McKown on 18 Sept 1897 KS

Nora Caroline
Born: 5 February 1878 Sweet Springs, MO
Died: 2 May 1966 Pond Creek, OK
Married: John C. Halcomb in 1895 KS

Ernest C:
Born: February 1887 Idaho

Note: Children of David and Leah Williams -- David Ellsworth, Elvira Leona, Albert, Isaac Newton, and Charles Henry did not survive childhood.

From the book Williams History and Genealogy, by N. Caroline Halcomb, published 1946 by the Medford Printing and Publishing Company, Medford, Oklahoma, pages 41, 42 and 43:

"David Lane Williams, my father was the son of Absalom J. and Hester Ann (Lane) Williams. He was born in Preble County, Ohio, on June 27, 1834, and was the eldest of a family of twelve children. When he was two years old his parents moved to Alfont, Madison County, Indiana. Where he grew to manhood and received his education, remaining there until he was 31 years of age. When he left school he took up farming near his home. He was married to my mother, Leah Caroline Valentine on June 3, 1855.

Leah Caroline Valentine was the daughter of James and Sarah (Frazier) Valentine. She was born in Henry County, Indiana on February 28, 1835. My mother was a devout Christian, having been brought up under strict Christian rules, her father being a minister in the United Brethren Church. Theirs was a large family, as were most families in those days.

After their marriage they continued farming near Alfont, where their first ten children were born, four passing away in early life. While living there, father accepted a call to the ministry, meanwhile, working at various trades and jobs including carpentry, for those pioneer days it was necessary to do what one could to help support a family and keep up the home. During the Civil War he served as Captain of the Home Guards.

As the trend of expansion was westward in those days my parents decided to move to Missouri. In 1868 the family, consisting of the parents, five sons and a daughter, began their journey to the west, their train being ferried across the Mississippi River at Saint Louis. They first went to Warrensburg, Missouri where they lived for a time. Here, father continued his work both as minister and carpenter, building the depot and the first two residences in Centerville, Missouri.

Later they moved to Saline County, Missouri, buying a farm and building them a home near Sweet Springs (Saline County, Missouri) , where they lived for seventeen years and where their four younger children were born, one Charles H., passing on in early life. After the ravages of the Civil War, which left the country in a deplorably depleted state, they found their means in a like condition and life was a little hard for awhile, but they prospered and advanced along with the country and were able to obtain a nice tract of land and considerable stock as time went on Father was quite active in all community activities of the day."

Researched by Group 8 DNA member Ken W. Email:
(kin_skr at

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Absalom Williams - 1811 - 1868

Absalom Williams (son of William Williams b. 1760)

Born: 22 Dec 1811 Preble Co, OH
Died: 1 Jan 1868 Madison Co, OH
Married: Hester Ann Lane on 15 Aug 1833 Fayette Co, IN
Born: 29 Jun 1813 OH
Died: 16 May 1875 Madison Co, OH

Both are buried Crosley Cemetery, Madison Co, IN

David L.
Born: 27 Jun 1834 Preble Co, OH
Died: 28 Apr 1910 Saline Co, MO
Buried: Antioch Cemetery, Saline Co, MO
Married: Leah C. Valentine on 3 Jun 1855 Henry Co, IN

Elizabeth D.:
Born: 1 Aug 1836 Madison Co, IN
Died: 28 Jul 1869 Madison Co, IN
Buried: Crosley Cemetery, Madison Co, IN
Married: George Washington Pettigrew on 10 Apr 1854 Madison Co, IN

Born: 23 June 1838 Madison Co, IN
Died: 28 March 1875 Madison Co, IN
Buried: Cottrell Cemetery, Madison Co, IN
Married: William Cottrell on 22 Mar 1855 Madison Co, IN

Jesse M.:
Born: 25 November 1840 Madison Co, IN
Died: July 1913 Indianapolis, IN
Buried: 8 July 1913 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, IN
Married: Margaret E. Cottrell on 20 Nov 1863 Madison Co, IN

Louisa C.:
Born: 3 May 1845 Madison Co, IN
Died: Unknown
Married: Richard C. Alfont on 23 Sept 1866 Madison Co. IN

Mary M.:
Born: 9 May 1850 Madison Co, IN
Died: 1929 Saline County, MO
Married: William M. Cox on 15 August 1870

Note: Children Lovina (Lovia) Williams, Sarah J. Williams, William F. Williams, Hester A. Williams and Absalom Williams, Jr. did not survive childhood. They are buried in Crosley Cemetery, Madison Co, Indiana.

Absalom Williams, son of William and Margaret Plunkett Williams, was born near Eaton, Preble Co, Ohio on the 22nd of Dec 1811. He married Hester Ann Lane on 15 Aug 1833. They were married in Fayette Co, Indiana. Hester was born 29 Jan 1813 in Eaton, Ohio. After marriage, they moved to the small town of Alfont, Indiana in Madison Co. Absalom began a mercantile business there. In the 1860 Madison Co. Indiana-Green Twp Census, page 221 # 1484-1484; Absalom's occupation was "Grain Dealer".

Many of Absalom and Hester's children remained in Indiana near their parents. However, the oldest son, David L. Williams and his sister, Mary, moved West to Saline County, Missouri.

Absalom Williams was listed in the "Indiana Soldiers" Civil War. He was a corporal in the 38th Regiment, Company "D", Indiana Infantry. He was mustered in on 18 September 1861 from Washington Co, Indiana. He was transferred to the Veteran Reserve. This information was verified from the Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana, 1865.

Absalom, his wife Hester and their small children are buried in Crosley Cemetery, located just off State Road 9 near Pendleton, Indiana.
Two members of DNA Group 8 are directly descended from Absalom Williams. They are James Williams and Ken.

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William Williams 1760 - 1841

William Williams -
Born: 20 Dec 1760 Ft. Pitt, Pennsylvania
Died: 18 Feb 1841 Preble Co, OH
Buried: 20 Feb 1841 Frame Cemetery, Preble Co, OH
Married First: Elizabeth Daily
Born: Unknown
Died: About 1795 Bourbon Co, KY
Married: 1786 Brunswick Co, VA

Children --
John R
Born: 6 May 1789 Brunswick Co, VA
Died: 21 Apr 1863 Preble Co, OH
Married: Mahala York on 22 Feb 1810 Preble Co, OH

William D
Born: 4 Jan 1794 Brunswick Co, VA
Died: 30 Apr 1880 Huntington Co, IN
Married: Nancy Ammerman 14 Oct 1824

William -- Married 2nd: Margaret Plunkett
Born: 6 Oct 1775
Died: 7 Feb 1850 Preble Co, OH
Married: 13 Oct 1796 Bourbon Co, KY

Children of William and Margaret --
Born 14 Dec 1797 Bourbon Co, KY
Died: Wabash Co, IN

Born: 25 Nov 1800 Bourbon County, KY
Died: Unknown

Born: 20 Mar 1803 Bourbon Co, KY
Died: 20 Apr 1865 Delaware Co, IN
Married: Lucretia "Lucy" Lanier in 1823 Preble Co, OH

Mary (Polly)
Born: 30 Dec 1805 Preble Co, OH
Died: 17 Jan 1895 Eaton, Preble Co, OH
Married: Henry Miley on 21 Feb 1825 Preble Co, OH

Born: 19 Feb 1810 Preble Co, OH
Died: 24 Jul 1849 Preble Co, OH
Married: Martha Ann Kinsey on 1 Jan 1839 Preble Co, OH

Born: 22 Dec 1811 Preble Co, OH
Died: 1 Jan 1868 Madison Co, IN
Married: Hester Ann Lane on 15 Aug 1833 Fayette Co. IN

Born: 2 Apr 1814 Preble Co, OH
Died: 7 Sept 1893 Huntington Co, IN
Married: Sally Hileman in Mar 1834 Preble Co, OH

William Williams, Revolutionary War soldier, farmer and preacher was born 20th December 1760 in or near Ft. Pitt, Pennsylvania. As stated in his application for a Revolutionary War pension (dated 1833), William and his father moved to Virginia in 1762. No mention is made of any other family members making the move with them. William states that he moved to Brunswick County at the start of the Revolutionary War. In 1795 William, his wife Elizabeth Daily Williams and their two sons, John R. and William D. moved to Bourbon County, Kentucky. Shortly after their arrival in Kentucky, it is said that Elizabeth Daily Williams passed away. The death date of Elizabeth, the date of son Jesse's birth and William's marriage date (to Margaret Plunkett) are contradictory and need to be more thoroughly researched. It is most likely that the mother of Jesse, born in 1797, is actually Margaret Plunkett Williams.

On 13th of Oct 1796, William married Margaret Plunkett in Bourbon Co, Kentucky. They had three children while living there -- Jesse, Sally and Joseph. In 1805, the Williams family again relocated. Their next move was to Preble Co, Ohio which is near the Indiana line, just west of Dayton. William and Margaret continued to add to their family -- Mary, David, Absalom and Robert were born in Preble Co.

On 26 Dec 1809 William obtained a license to perform marriages in Ohio. The family owned and maintained a farm of 159 acres, located in the NE ¼ Section 26, Twp. 8, Range 1, Jackson Township. Preble Co, Ohio.

* Last Will and Testament *

In the name of God amen, I WILLIAM WILLIAMS of the County of Preble and state of Ohio, being weak in body but sound of mind, memory, and understanding considering the certainty of death and the uncertainty of the time thereof and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs and thereby be the better prepared to leave this world when it shall please God to call me. Hence, I do therefore make this my last Will and Testament, in the manner and form following that is to say.

First and principally I commit my soul into the hands of Almighty God and my body to the earth, decently buried at the discretion of my executors herein after named and after my funeral charges and all my debts paid first, I want all my children that have not received an equal share in my life time to be made equal according to the list I have left with my executors.

Second, I give and bequeath unto my dear wife all the house hold furniture, lands, tenements and her entitlements to have and to hold as long as she lives or remains my widow and then to be equally divided among all my children.

Third, I give and bequeath unto my son JESSE'S two children, SUSANA WILLIAMS and WILLIAM H. WILLIAMS all his share of my estate.

Fourth, I appoint HENRY PADDACK and BENJAMIN FISHER my sole executors of this my last Will and Testament given under my hand and seal this fifth day of September 18?? (39).

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of
Elijah Paddack
Ebenezer Paddack

William is buried in the Frame Cemetery, Jackson Twp, Preble Co, Ohio. The location of the Frame cemetery is south of Washington-Jackson Rd. and East of Oxford-Gettysburg Rd. Section SE 1/425

Link to photos of Williams' stones in Frame Cemetery: Frame Cemetery

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Williams Family -- Linking Through DNA

With the help of Family Tree DNA we have connected with many cousins via DNA testing.  If you have a male Williams who is interested in taking the Y DNA test, we encourage you to go to the Family Tree DNA site The more markers you can test for, the closer the matches will be. Recommended - test at 67 markers at least.

As of today - August 11, 2009 - here are some of the ancestors we are related to, linked by DNA:

Charles Williams
Luke Williams
William WilliamsJesse D. WilliamsStephen Williams
Rowland Williams
Isaac Benjamin Williams
Thomas R. Williams
John W. Williams
William Thornton Williams
Richmond D. Williams
James Williams

Update - November 2017
We now have over 50 members in Williams DNA Group 8!

If you have a Williams ancestor connected to any of these lines, you may want to consider DNA testing. We are very interested in finding other Williams lines to participate in DNA testing, especially if your Williams ancestor was from Brunswick, Prince George, Charles City County, Isle of Wight or possibly Lunenburg and Dinwiddie Counties of Virginia; also the North Carolina counties of -- Rutherford, Granville, Northampton, Vance, Halifax, Onslow, Person, Caswell, Wake, Edgecombe, and / or Brunswick.

Family Tree DNA has an excellent web site with lots of information to answer any questions you might have about DNA testing. If, however, you have any questions for any of the cousins who are members of Group 8, please send us an email. We will do our best to assist you.

Our email address is: