Friday, September 10, 2010


I receive many emails from Williams researchers each month. After reading this blog, they write me, hoping I can help them connect to their Williams ancestors. It is always a pleasure to hear from other Williamses. Unfortunately, I don't have answers to everyone's questions about their ancestors -- I wish I did!

Recently, in August, I received an exciting email from someone who wanted to help our DNA blog identify the family members in the photo of Isaac J. Williams and family. This very nice man, Larry, happens to be a distant cousin to me and to Ken and Rebecca, two other DNA Group 8 members. Larry is also a cousin to JoAnn and Jessi who are not members of the DNA group but are related to our William Williams from Brunswick County, Virginia.

Larry sent the following names to identify the Isaac J. Williams family of Muncie, Indiana which is located at the bottom of this page:

Front Row from Left to Right:
* Adda B. Williams (daughter) - born 16 July 1875
* Emiline Jones Williams (Mother) - born 15 Oct. 1845
* Isaac J. Williams (Father) - born 30 Dec. 1840
* Jennie Williams (daughter) - born 31 July 1868

Back Row from Left to Right:
* Marion Williams (son) - born 9 Sept. 1866
* Burten Williams (son) - born 27 Sept. 1872
* John W. Williams (son) - born 12 Feb. 1878

I would like to encourage Larry and anyone else who is related to this Williams line to please try DNA testing. We would like to have more evidence to prove the lineage of William Williams and his descendants. In order to prove the past, we need to look to DNA testing -- we know it doesn't lie!

Thanks so much for your help, Larry. It is so nice to find a new cousin.

As a result of this email, I would like to encourage other Group 8 members who need help identifying family photos to send them to me. We can post them on this blog and see if we can solve other mysteries.