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William Thornton Williams Abt. 1864 - 1918

Coal Miner Statue

William Thornton Williams

Born: Abt. 1864 in Kentucky
Died: 3 June 1918 Birmingham, Alabama
Married: Dulcina Pearson on 9 Mar 1884 Jefferson Co., Alabama

William Wesley Williams
Born: 24 Feb 1890 Alabama
Died: 23 Mar 1965 Alabama

Born: Apr 1886 Alabama

Fred E.
Born: Jan 1894 Alabama

Lillian M.
Born: Dec 1896 Alabama

Wallace R.
Born: Apr. 1899 Alabama

Byron O. (Hob or OB)
Born: Abt. 1902 Alabama

Jake (T.J.)
Born: Abt. 1905 Alabama

2nd generation:
William Wesley Williams, Sr. (son of William Thornton)
Born: 24 Feb 1890 Alabama
Died: 23 Mar 1965 Alabama
Married: __________________

William Wesley Williams, Jr. (son of William Wesley, Sr.)
Born: 4 Jan 1922 Alabama
Died 17 Feb 1979 Louisiana
Information from the 1910 Blount County, Alabama Census states that both William Thornton Williams and his son, William Wesley Williams were coal miners. In a document from Monique Chamberlain, William Wesley Williams, Sr. filled out a form for the Social Security Administration in 1938. It stated that he had worked as a miner for the Lillybrook Coal Company in Lillybrook, West Virginia.
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Big James said...

Hi my name is James William Williams and im a member of this family my mom Sharon Ann Williams is daughter to grandpa James Thornton Williams who is a brother to William Weslesy(Wes jr.)Williams jr.and son of William Wesley Williams sr. but my info stops at William Thorton Williams im glad i found this site and i look forward to seeing my online family grow as more people find this place and thanks for doing this my grandpa dosent remember anything about our family

nickicham said...

Big James: Sharon Ann is my cousin. I just recently visited your Grandpa James. Email me...

Big James said...

Hey niki I was just wondering if you know about where we came from I always just assumed England but I'd like to know for sure. And are you the second cousin I met in Electra tx when I was younger